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Iron Oaks Customs

UV DTF - Gang Sheet Builder

UV DTF - Gang Sheet Builder

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The Gang Sheet Builder for Custom UV DTF is the perfect tool for the DIYer that doesn't want help, but also doesn't want to shell out money for the software needed to create high quality gang sheets that are ready to print.

UV DTF decals are waterproof, sunlight resistant and perfect for just about any hard surface application. UV DTF gang sheets are a staple for the reseller or high-volume product distributor/retailer. Take full advantage of the linear foot pricing by fitting your designs into every nook and cranny of your gang sheet. The more you can fit, the cheaper your per item costs are.

Unlike traditional DTF though, you should plan out a little more space between images to allow room for holding onto while placing your decal.  

If you have any questions while building your gang sheet, just let us know. Otherwise, we will just sit over here and let you do your thing! Even though you are using a gang sheet builder, we will still review your file before we print. If we think there might be an issue with an unexpected background, image size or spacing we will email you prior to printing. If you are on a tight deadline (aren't we all!) let us know so that we make sure to expedite communication if an issue is identified.


We source the best film and ink available to ensure a high quality product for our customers. Hot peel film, vibrant inks and high quality adhesive powder all result in a light, soft, durable and easy to apply transfer.

Shipping & Returns


Total length of your gang sheet will vary but minimum length will be as ordered. Actual film width is 23.5" with a 22.5" printable width. To ensure quality, gang sheets may be partially or fully broken down prior to shipping.

Care Instructions

Transfers on film should be stored in a cool, dry location. Care should be taken to avoid damaging the ink/adhesive.

As with all heat applied transfers, decorated apparel should be washed in cool water and dried on a low setting (inside out). Care should be taken to avoid additives such as fabric softeners and bleach. Heat and additives can significantly impact the longevity of the transfer.

Application Instructions

Iron Oaks Customs uses a combination of ink and film that produces a hot peel film transfer. However, many factors can impact how well the film performs while hot (including design, fabric, pressing time and temp).

Our basic recommendation for applying our transfers is to press at 300F for 10 seconds at medium to high pressure, then allow to cool until the film releases when you lightly lift it at a corner. This can be sped up by applying compressed air or raising the garment to allow air to flow over and under it (shake it out). Once peeled, complete a second press at the same time, pressure and temp to ensure the transfer is fully seated into the fabric. You can use parchment paper, an old t shirt or other finishing papers as you desire.

Different fabric types will require different temperature settings to avoid scorching. We have tested our transfers as low as 240F. When working with sensitive fabrics, it is recommended to start low and work your way up to find a temperature and time that will provide adequate adhesion.

As a general rule of thumb, pressure is more important than temperature when it comes to a long lasting transfer. Because of this, the use of hand held presses is not recommended. Presses that list for less than $500 should be evaluated to ensure you are getting adequate pressure and consistent temperature across the transfer.

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