Ready to Press DTF Transfers

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Free DTF/UV DTF Samples

There is really only one way to know if you will like our transfers and decals, and that is to try them out for yourself. Order your free sample today and see how we compare. We hand select a seasonal DTF and UV DTF product for you in the hopes that you can actually get some use out of your free sample. Once you receive it, just press or apply and do all the testing you need to do.

Per sheet or Gang sheet?

We offer two options for purchasing our custom DTF transfers and UV DTF decals/wraps. Gang sheets or individual prints.

Whether you are a seasoned pro uploading your own gang sheet or looking for a little help from our gang sheet builder app, gang sheets are always the cheaper option when you are ordering more than a few transfers/decals.

For those of you that just don't want to deal with building a gang sheet, we offer competitive pricing on our individual transfers/decals as well as quantity-based discounts.

Worried about the quality of your images or need a background removed? We can help. Just add your concerns or requests to the note/comments portion of the upload and we will be there for the assist!

Turn Around Time (TAT)

We do our best to meet the TAT listed below. Occasional fluctuations in order load or equipment down time could result in increased TAT. We will do our best to communicate any delays to you in a timely manner. Please let us know if you have a tight timeframe you are working under.

  • Print Ready Gang sheets will ship within 1-2 days

  • Individual transfers/decals, when the files are print ready, will ship 2-3 days after receipt.

  • Gang sheets and individual transfers/decals needing minor artwork modifications or corrections will ship 2 to 5 days after receipt (depending on workload).
  • I have my gang sheet already

    Clearly you know what you want, so don't let us get in the way! Head on over to our gang sheet products, select the cooresponding size and upload!

    Upload your gang sheet 
  • I want to build my own gang sheet

    You clearly have some control issues, and we feel you! So we jumped at the opportunity to add this gang sheet builder app to our website.

    Select the type and size gang sheet you need. Then upload your images, manipulate them as needed and submit your order. The gang sheet builder offers several options including cropping, resizing, switching to a bigger/smaller gangsheet and background removal*. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions.

    *Background removal apps will never produce as good an image as starting from a vector and saving with a transparent background.

    Let's get to building! 
  • DTF

    Our Direct to Film transfers offer vibrant colors with no minimum order quantity. Choose between individual transfers or gang sheets.

    Check out our DTF Options 
  • UV DTF

    Our UV Direct to Film transfers offer the same great options that you get with our DTF transfers, but they are made for hard surfaces such as cups, coolers, phone cases and pens.

    Check out our UV DTF Options 
  • Custom Apparel

    *** Coming Soon***

    Iron Oaks Customs offers a full service custom apparel platform perfect for making your own personal custom shirts, or for setting up a POD site for your team or fund raiser. Contact us for more information.

    Contact Us for custom shirt orders