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Iron Oaks Customs

UV DTF - Custom Gang Sheet

UV DTF - Custom Gang Sheet

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UV DTF decals are waterproof, sunlight resistant and perfect for just about any hard surface application. UV DTF gang sheets are a staple for the reseller or high-volume product distributor/retailer. Take full advantage of the linear foot pricing by fitting your designs into every nook and cranny of your gang sheet. The more you can fit, the cheaper your per item costs are.

Unlike traditional DTF though, you should plan out a little more space between images to allow room for holding onto while placing your decal.  

For the fastest turnaround time possible, please ensure that your file is sized to match your order and that the file you submit is a 300 DPI PNG with a transparent background. Unlike many sites today, Iron Oaks Customs will review your file before we print. If we think there might be an issue with an unexpected background, image size or spacing we will email you prior to printing. If you are on a tight deadline (aren't we all!) let us know so that we make sure to expedite communication if an issue is identified.


We source the best film and ink available to ensure a high quality product for our customers. High Quality film, vibrant inks and varnish all result in a vibrant, durable and easy to apply decal.

Application Instructions

Iron Oaks Customs UV DTF decals require no heat to apply. Begin by cleaning any dirt or residual oil from the application surface (an alchohol wipe works perfect for this). Peel the white backer paper from the decal (it may help to fold a corner to separate the carrier from the backer). Peel low to the decal, rather than away from it. Ensure none of the decal is removed from the clear carrier. This shouldn't happen, but if it does, simply roll the film back and rub gently to readhere the decal to the clear carrier. Once the white paper is removed carefully align the decal and apply (center out or from one end to the other to avoid trapped air bubbles). CAUTION: The adhesive is very strong. Once you apply the design it is very dificult to remove without ruining the decal. Rub the decal with your fingers to ensure proper adhesion (you can use any of the typical vinyl tools to ensure proper adhesion but little more than finger pressure is really needed).

Depending on the design of your decal, removal can be accomplished with very hot water, a razor blade (use caution) and/or adhesive remover such as Goo be Gone).

Care Instructions

Hand wash only. Do not put in dishwasher or scrub vigorously under hot water. UV DTF Decals are not dishwasher safe. We hope to be able to remove this one day, but to date we have not found a combination of materials that will produce a product that can truly survive the dishwasher.


Total length of your gang sheet will vary but minimum length will be as ordered. Actual film width is 12.25" with a 11.5" printable width. To ensure quality and provide you with the cheapest shipping option, gang sheets may be partially or fully broken down prior to shipping.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping options can be selected at checkout. While all custom items are non-refundable, please let us know if you are unsatisfied with the products you receive. We will do our best to resolve any issues.

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